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Small Block 2wd Classes

General Rules for All Classes:

The Northeast Off-Road Jamborees main goal is a fun and safe time for all, so here are some general rules for all classes to secure that safety and fun for everyone competing and spectating alike:

1. All Competitors MUST have a valid State Drivers License and be 16 or older with Parent Signed Liability Waver if under 18 years of Age

2. All Competitors MUST have a DOT approved Helmet 

3. All Competitors MUST have eye protection if vehicle does not have a full windshield (example: ATVs, UTVs, Motorcycles, Tractors, Rock Crawlers)

4. All Competitors Must wear safety constraints such as a seatbelt or harness that may better be defined by class (exception being Motorcycles and ATVs)

5. All Vehicles Pulling MUST have a hook attachment point deemed safe by NORJ Track Officials


Small Block 2WD 5500LB Class

Small Block 2WD 5500LB Class Rules and Regulations:

Engine Specs:

1) Must have SFI engine balancer, no elastomer style balancers allowed.

2) Limited to one engine only. *No big blocks for 2017*

3) Gas only - No nitrous oxide or methanol or compressed air** Race fuel allowed.

4) No blowers or turbos.

5) Engine limited to 410 cubic inch.

6) Must be dual plane intake with maximum 2” spacer or adaptor plate allowed. .

7) Limited to one carburetor.

8) No fuel injection allowed.

9) Exhaust must be straight upright or straight back under truck.

Other Specs:

1) Rear suspension not required.

2) Rear axle must be a dana 80, or corporate 14 bolt or smaller. No Rockwells.

3) Chassis must not exceed 15 feet of wheelbase from center of rear axle to forward most point of truck, including weights and brackets.

4) Chassis must be mass produced factory built 1 ton or less frame – must be OEM frame – no tube or boxed frames.

5) Single gear box only can be manual or automatic. High stall torque converters allowed. No transfer cases or 2 speed rears allowed.

6) 34X18Maximum tire size allowed (puller tires and dot allowed) - No dual wheels.

7) Double cut tires not allowed.

8) No weights allowed in cab.

Hitch Specs:

1) Hitch must not exceed more than 45” back from center of rear housing

2) No more than 30” high at top of hook point.

3) Minimum hole size of 3” and must be easily accessible.

4) Hitch may be adjustable, yet solid in all directions once adjusted.

Safety Specs:

1) Wheelie bars to be made to be minimum 10 inches behind rear tire and max 10 inches off the ground, to facilitate easier hooking and a more rigid wheelie bar - bump stops highly recommended.

2) Universal joints must be shielded with a minimum ¼” thick by 6” wide steel straps enclosed 360 degrees – also minimum of one loop per drive shaft.

3) All vehicles using a clutch will have a steel flywheel and are required to have an SFI APPROVDED steel bellhousing. Automatic transmissions will be covered with 1/8” steel or better scatter shield, blanket, or equivalent material – this includes top and sides completely covered.

4) All fans must be shielded 360 degrees with minimum of 1/8” steel. Side shield on engines of 1/8” minimum – at least covering the spark plugs.

5) Driver must wear a DOT approved helmet – seat belts required and must be worn.

6) Minimum of 2lb fire extinguisher must be loaded and in the vehicle.

7) KILL SWITCHES MADATORY – Kill switch must be of the tether type and placed in the center, in an un-obstructed area on the rear of the vehicle.

8) Neutral switches mandatory.

9) Must have at least a 4 point roll cage on open cabs (T buckets etc.), and at least a 2 point internal roll cage on trucks with enclosed cabs.

10) All other rules in general rules apply.