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4x4 Modified Gas Class Rules, Regulations, and Registration 

4x4 Modified Class Rules:

1. All Vehicles must comply with current NTPA rules (see NTPA rule book) with the following exceptions:
   a. All Maine state pullers association bylaws, general truck rules, 4x4 disqualifications, 4x4 fuels, 4x4 drive shaft qualifications, superstock and modified, override any rule in the NTPA rule book.

  b. Any factory produced steel or fiberglass bodied vehicle, (maximum wheelbase 133")

  c. All vehicles must be naturally asperated with single engines.  No Diesel Engines.

  d. Tinted windows will be allowed at tech-persons discretion.. SEMA approved flywheel, pressure plate, bell housing does not have to be stamped by, but will be inspected by tech-person
  e. Any eliminator sled need not be NTPA approved.
  f. 2 classes will be run at 6200lbs each.

  g. All trucks and tractors using alcohol fuel- it is mandatory to wear a fire suit, consisting of a minimum of one (1) layer Nomex 3 or the equivalent of SF1 certification

  h. Trucks must use approved full transmission blanket or SF1 approved bell housing and transmission body with billet access cover.

  I. Engines must comply with engine limitations listed in 1996 NTPA rule book limit to 650 ci.  2 valves per cylinder, 1 spark plug per cylinder
  j. Hitch height to be 26"